High Intensity Classes: 1Rebel ‘Reshape’

Happy Thursday! High intensity classes are taking the fitness world by storm words like Tabata and HIIT being thrown around regularly by gym bunnies. But whats the hype? The benefits? Well I took a class at 1Rebel UK to find out…

So high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the quickest way to get the heart rate up. By giving your all for quick short sharp period with short rest strains the body and it’s been proven to have the same effects as those long gruelling two hour sessions in the gym! So why not save yourself time and give it a go? A simple starter would be to chose 8 exercises (eg. Lunges, squats, mountain climbers, Burpees etc) work for 20 seconds rest for 10. That’s what is known as a simple ‘tabata’ circuit. But if your more a classes kind of person or have never tried one and want to know what it’s all about then read on!!

1Rebel is situated near the Gherkin in the heart of the city of London. They offer both spinning classes ‘Ride’ and what’s known as ‘Reshape’ classes. I was booked in for a lower body Reshape class.


The class combined both treadmill and weights/floor based exercises and followed 4 minute rounds. On the treadmill each minute either speed was increased upward or incline was.

What’s great about these classes is that no matter your level the class is tailored to you. For example on the treadmills beginners choose 10kph to warm up, intermediate choose 11kph and advanced 12kph. For each change in minute, the speed or incline were shouted out so you can challenge yourself and know where to push hard.

On the floor hand weights are attached to your assigned bench number (which corresponds to your treadmill also). We used medicine balls ,dumbbells as well as our own body weight to push ourselves in a range of static raised calf holds, squat pulses, lunges and plank holds!


Class lasted 45mins and by the last 5 for core your pretty much blowing like a steam train! Really good hardcore exercise which certainly is not just a physical workout, but a mental one too.

Your first class is £15 which includes towels, water and an outstanding changing room with hairspray, straightness and shampoo/conditionder/body wash all on hand!


Click the link above to check it out!

Next class I’ll be writing up is Barry’s Bootcamp 😊


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