Shoe Review: Wave Sayonara


The Wave Sayonara from Mizuno:

Drop: 6.8mm

Weight: 190g



In General the fit of Mizuno shoes is wide, the older models were less so but the toe box area in the Sayonara is very generous. Your able to lockdown the fit over the midfoot but if you have especially narrow feet I wouldn’t recommend this shoe.


The Sayonara is Neutral. It sits alongside the Wave Rider in its category but is the lighter softer version. The upper is all one material giving for a lack of irritants for blisters. The TPO heat welds give an all over feel, but as stated not a snug fit in the forefoot. I have felt that the material is not durable and can have holes in very easily. Heel counter is strong but not so much of a plush inner.


Underfoot the Sayonara feels ultralight. The cushioning in the forefoot is soft but firm in the heel, personally I found it gave a really smooth ride. The wave plate located in the shoe stops 3/4 up, giving the forefoot greater flexibility so faster in toe off. In comparison the the other brands, Mizuno does have firmer cushioning so may not always give that soft feel as other brands.

Overall, I’d rate this shoe 4/5. Mainly due to its light weight feel but still giving a high enough drop height to protect those calf muscles more than a barefoot shoe! For me slightly better fit as less numbthrough the toes than the Adidas Boost!

Next review coming end end of the week 😁 Happy Running


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