Food is Love- Meal Prep


Any fitness lovers passion in my eyes. It fuels us to be the best we can be and energises us to push our bodies to their limits and beyond.
Now let me not lie, I am not perfect when it comes to diet and honest I have pre-made packed food on occasion for ease (which I will share below). Now I’ll share some of my favourite meal prep foods I make for a 5 day week. They are all simple easy and take less than 15minutes to make!

Stir-Fry rainbow style


So many supermarkets have great deals on mixing the mix of Chinese vegetables with noodles and a sauce. Now the sauces ARE THE DEVIL of sugar and salt in disguise. I avoid them 99% of the time, however if I have a sauce it has to be the lowest in sugar and even then I dilute it with water. Usually is blue dragon chow me in sauce or just a sprinkling of light soy sauce!
Dice/cut strips in chicken breasts- most of mine I get from MuscleFood πŸ’ͺ🏽 as you get more meat for your money. Using Lucy bee coconut oil for every meal I fry off red onions garlic and the chicken then simple add the stir fry veg and noodles. For a reduced carb day I usually ditch the noodles and add more chicken! That’s it all under roughly 400calories a potion a filling meal easy prep and last 2-3 days in the fridge 😊

2. Chicken wraps


This is another favourite and is so so easy to prep all I do is season with pepper, parsley and garlic some chicken breasts. Chuck them in the oven for 20mins and done. For the wraps, wholewheat always, cover in some Houmous and add whatever your heart desires! I love boiled eggs and sweet chilli Houmous…sensational πŸ™πŸ½

3. Beef Meatballs and Pasta


Now this little gem comes prepacked! As I said I’m busy all the time sometimes not finishing work until 8pm. So this microwaveable meal consisting of fresh beef meatballs, wholewheat pasta a spicy chilli kick, all fresh as part of MuscleFood performance meals ANNDDD with 38g of protein and only 350kcals ITS EPIC. Available on MuscleFood 6 meals for only Β£18!!

4. Ginger & Lemon Turkey


Time for Turkey to get in the mix! Love turkey as its one of the highest protein meats out there. All I do is simply marinate the turkey in ginger and lemon juice, grill the steak and cut into slices. Turkey is the one meat I find that if you fry it it can become dry quite quickly so allays prefer to grill it.

Paired here with Uncle Bens Quinoa & Wild Rice and vegetables πŸ™‚

5. Nandos!


Now, another chicken dish because it is my staple meat. Sometimes it can get boring but, this sauce is revolutionised my experience of chicken. By having Nandos sauce and home I can cook with it and feel like I’m eating out everyday! With less than 6g of sugar in the whole bottle it’s mad to think the sauce it good for you-I see nothing wrong at all! Even salt content is low. I don’t need to explain the simple meal prep involved here- pour it over you chicken and cook. TA DA

And there you have it 5 meals, all low calorie, low cost and can be made to last the week! Next time you reach for the meal deal think again and plan ahead!


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