Boost Your Run!


Over the last 5 years Adidas have engineered a brand new material to the market to revolutionise the footwear industry. Honestly, the material is incredible. With the ability to give more energy return, as well as be some of the most durable foam shoes have ever seen, I give you the compound known as BOOST!

What is Boost?
Here we have a little bit of techy talk. Boost is made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) simply a compound which shoe cushioning can be comprised of. What makes Boost special is the TPU is heated excessively and literally blown up. This leaves small little capsules which is the look we are used to seeing on the Boost footwear.


These capsules are then compressed and form a material which is extremely light, responsive and durable due to their cell structure.
Claims from adidas state this compound is far more resistant to the heat as well as the cold than any other EVA on the market.

Can anyone run in it?!

Of course but with one little caution. The energy return of this material (the amount of force it gives you back once you put your force through it with every stride) is high. Because of this if you are walking in this product and have weak or tight hamstrings you may feel them greatly after walking/running slow in this material. It’s not fact, but it’s what I have come across in my field of work. Now don’t get me wrong this material is outstanding I’m just giving you a heads up to strengthen or stretch the old hammys before you use a pair of shoes with boost in!

The best bit! There are currently three boost shoes that I have had the pleasure to run in: UltraBoost, UltraBoost ST and the newly released PureBoost X.

PureBoost X is a women’s only shoe and looks flawless. With a totally sock like feel the upper holds you whilst giving your arch room to float! If you pronate however this shoe isn’t really for you too little support will allow the foot to crush the shoe. Light weight, narrow and great for quick speed sessions. RRP Β£90


UltraBoost ST is another all Boost shoe to the market for 2016. This shoe is billed as a slightly supportive shoe and my first impressions are very very good. The way they have created the support is by making one layer of boost with more pellets in it. This denser foam mimicks that of a supportive post in other EVA support shoes. The upper, Primeknit, which looks a lot like Nike Flyknit material forms a strong but stretchy upper made tighter in specific areas. Great for a pronator but even for a neutral runner also. RRP Β£130


UltraBoost is very simplistic. Boost and Primeknit is simply it’s makeup. Definitely for the more neutral runner, the sock like fit also means it fits like a glove too! RRP Β£130

Overall, we better all watch out for Adidas this year as they make women their focus and try to hunt down the power house that is Nike! Any questions hit me up below!


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