Fitness Fanatic to Iron Woman: Oh February, what happened?

Oh February…Where to start!


Well actually I started well.  The first two weeks I was on target with my my training. After the first week I was feeling a little lethargic but, I knew it was because I needed to eat more efficiently.  My body now craves a higher carbohydrate/protein diet and initially I was not fuelling it correctly. After recently acquiring a qualification in Fitness Nutrition, I was annoyed I’d let myself down on that front.

So the disciplines:

The Swim

First time in a pool for 7 years, I took myself to the Olympic Aquatics Centre for some added inspiration and the facility is phenomenal. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it as it also inexpensive.


In the pool I got, swam 50m and swallowed enough water to fill a small paddling pool! My body had totally forgotten how to breathe, carry itself and pretty much function in water apart from treading! So I took a break and then managed a solid 700m in 40minutes with breaks. By no means was it pretty, but finding my inner dolphin DEFINITELY needs work.

The Cycle

Now this is the one area where everything is genuinely going wonderfully. Have consistently been able to sit on the WATT bike twice a week for 1-2hours. In the second week of February, I managed to cycle 26.2miles in just under 1.5hrs.


I’m getting used to saddle pain and I felt I could have gone on for longer. All is hunky dory on the bike 🙂 in March I will start doing 2-3hr rides.

The Run

So here is where things didn’t go so wonderfully! Started the month well all fine no niggles just achy. Then what happened? The inner fitness fanatic in me came out and I still kept up with many of my classes and basically reignited an injury from the Burpee challenge. During that challenge I fractured my 4th metatarsal on my left foot and subsequently, lost all strength in my lower leg and ankle. This reared its head and having reassessed my hair at Profeet with rehab specialist Dan, we decided a solid 2 weeks of nothing but stretching and strengthening on my leg was to be enforced. Additions were also made to my insoles to support my recovery.


After the rest I went for a very slow gentle 5km trot and felt great no pain, no niggles! Running was back on the cards!

All elements started up again for a single day, before I was taken down by this horrendous flu like illness that has been going round. I was bound to my bed for 3 days and even a tiny walk to the kitchen was a struggle. Only now a whole week later have I started running again. Its slowly as now it’s my lungs and chest that are recovering!

There it is February was not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a learning curve and with 8months still to go of training I know what I need to do to make March successful!

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