Barry’s Bootcamp: Hell Week


Barrys Bootcamp is a place like no other. With two studios located in Central and East London its popularity and draw is second to none. Combining the simple task of lifting weights with treadmill intervals you have a deadly workout burning, for many, over 1,000 calories in an hour! Among the boot camps goers there are months in the year where one can take part, at there own peril, in Hell Week. This week falls in any month with 5 Monday’s and challenges you to complete 7 classes in 7 days. Easy you think? Let me talk you through how mine went down…

For those who don’t know Barrys has specific days to cover specific muscle groups. They never change and are as follows: Monday-Arms&Abs, Tuesday-Butt&Legs, Wednesday-Chest Back&Abs, Thursday-Core, Friday/Saturday/Sunday-FullBody. This means that during HellWeek EVERY muscle groups was covered. The trainers, renowned for there Army like motivation, push you to your limits and beyond. Hell Week is no different.


So Monday hit and I had my plan. Some classes before work some after some within 10 hrs of each other but it had to be done! Monday-Friday was tough. Starting with an arm attack from Hannah; to roll into squat central from Sonja; Jay C and Louis destroying my back chest and abs and then somehow my legs still had to be able to run!!!! Faisal Friday Full Body Finisher arrived and it was one of the best classes I’ve been too. Faisal always there with the PMA and tunes! Surrounded in a room of strong men and women was empowering. Joined by old and new friends we smashed the class and the finish line was in sight!


However, Emma had forgotten that Saturday AND Sunday was full body. Simply meaning the DOMS were EVERYWHERE. With Hannah again on Saturday single armed jump, burpees, plank hold wrote me off and then came Sunday. 10am: The finish line was 1hr away. Weights were heavy and then came the treads and THAT hill. The one run I was truly dreading 1-15% incline over 8 minutes of HELL. Dragging every ounce of strength I had to not stop not fall off, to help myself by encouraging others around me. The last minute I truly thought my legs would buckle under me, but the lights then turned off the climb was over-it was done. 11:00 struck-it was completed. Hell week over.


The euphoria I felt after class was phenomenal! It was not only due to the great people I’d been doing HellWeek with around me; or the amazingly motivating trainers putting us through our paces, it was the fact I’d done it. People talk about exercise being done to be healthy and avoid illness etc. What they forget to mention is the feeling of self worth it brings, the feeling of knowing your own capabilities. Barrys London is a place where you can literally change yourself but also your outlook on life. Next HellWeek is in August and I best see some new faces there!!!

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