New Balance Fresh Foam Zante


Low volume
6mm drop height
16mm heel height – 10mm forefoot height
Average weight: Men’s (UK9) : 204g
Women’s (5.5): 175g

The upper of this shoe is pretty seamless, overlays are applied under high heats as well having a plush soft tongue. This means there are very few irritation points on the Zante. The upper being so minimal means that this shoe laces so nicely and snug around the mid-foot.

What we have come to know on the market as ‘the booty fit’. With the upper being so narrow through the mid-foot, I found this an area-even for the most neutral foot, movement was allowed! (Not necessarily a bad thing but, is a reason I would not recommend this shoe for anyone who marginally pronates)
Fresh foam is the best thing about this shoe. Smoothly aiding transition from heel-mid-forefoot, the foam is soft underfoot but stable. Fresh foam is a concept, which has been newly, introduce to the market in the last year. It is a type of EVA that has been made based on research using fast runners pace to give the ultimate cushioning system especially here in the Zante.

It offers a comfortable and quick ride throughout the run-mostly at toe off.

This was an area I was surprised by. Not that I didn’t expect grip, but even on the run we ran through muddy areas I felt safe.


The outsole has small groove so not made for a boggy grass run obviously! But a little mud was not bad!

Overall shape
Forefoot is wide, narrow midfoot and standard heel. This shape is different especially having a slightly wider heel, however I was only aware the heel was wider it personally didn’t affect performance. But for some it may.

After 5 k in the Zante, I actually really wanted to run more. This shoe is greatly suited to speed. The feel off the toe makes you eager to take your next step. Midfoot hold makes you feel super stable and safe. The weight of this’s how stands out also, it’s like nothing is on your foot!So if you’re searching for some fartlek/interval sessions- this is it! Shoes in competitor brands like this? Nike Lunar Tempo, Adidas Tempo, Mizuno Wave Sayonara, Asics DS Trainer, Brooks Pure Flow and the Saucony Breakthrough.



A solid 8/10 for me !


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