Fitness Fanatic to Iron Woman- Moving on up in March

A successful month on the training front!



Finally I’m gaining more confidence in the pool. Swimming 1km is comfortable from a fitness point of view mainly using breastroke; however my breathing rhythm is all off when it comes to the crawl. I have realised I just panic and end up gasping and floundering. Slight nightmare but at least I know the cause- learn to love the water not fear it and if all else fails at least there are lifeguards!


So moving forward, throughout April I will reduce the distance covered but, focus all my efforts on breathing.


This month I actually backed off cycling in all honesty. The main reason being, I know I have the ability at the moment, to cycle for at least 2-3hours at a decent mph with no issues. Currently other areas such as my swim and overall strength need work.

That being said I still completed a couple of short 25km fast cycles to challenge my speed, as well as covering 48km in 1hour 45 minutes, which I was pretty chuffed with if I do say so myself!


The die-hard fitness fanatic in me took up a challenge at the start of March to kick start my motivation after injury. Barry’s Bootcamp London offer what is known as Hell Week in any month where there are 5 Mondays. It comprises of 7 HIIT classes in 7 days. Sounds a tad crazy to some, but for me it was what I needed to get my mojo back. Covering over 30km at sprint interval speeds and burning over 7,000kcals over the week- I felt myself again and ready to attack this months training.


My running totals this month (including Barrys) was over 110km. With no niggles from my calf and the insole adjustments from Profeet working, I hit the ground running in preparation for Reading Half Marathon on 3rd April. Long runs were steady but actually enjoyable again with no fear of my calf giving out half way through!

Overall this month, the key change is that I have stepped up my strength training. I am totally aware this Iron Man event will require my muscles to be stronger and more efficient than ever. All sessions have been varied from rowing session to endurance lifting. As I write this I’m dying from DOMS after running Reading Half and am feeling delicate. I said sub 1:55 and got 1:51, that my friends I shall take!


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