The Nike Free Transform Flyknit


The Flyknit family is growing! The newest additions: the Free Tranform and the RN Distance are takes on previous models with the addition of the Flyknit upper. This review will be focused on the Nike Free Transform Flyknit. It’s a shoe carted totally for woman, to be used in training-specifically made for multi-directional movement. I had the privilege to test the shoe out Nike style, in an NTC workout at their launch on Wednesday!

Flyknit, Flyknit, Flyknit. It’s been on the market now for over 3 years and is the skin like fit that makes this shoe. Like wearing a sock, you feel totally held and supported. The way the yarns are woven means different tension is applied and thus structure is in specific areas.

Key variations are in places such as the heel counter and toe box. When you move your foot can splay up to a 1cm! So, when moving in lateral and forward directions this Flyknit upper of the shoes moves accordingly with you.
The lacing also uses fly wire to give that added lockdown around the midfoot.

This shoe has a very soft midsole to give that plush feeling underfoot. Essential for when performing exercises like jump squats, burpees and mountain climbers.

imageThe foam is what is known as phylite, super soft, super comfy. It is a compound used in most of the Free range that Nike currently do.

The outsole on this shoe is what makes it stand out. Nike used specific technology known as auxetic geometry (big words I know), to created the tri-star outsole design.


Like the Free sole we know, it’s flexible in differing directions as well as gives great traction. There are extra durable rubber additions in the heel and toe areas as well as on the lateral border to cater for extra lateral movements.

Great feel across the foot, upper feels seamless and doesn’t dig in around the ankle. Toe box feels wide, which is nice in one sense as it enabled me to feel more balanced. But during some of the change in direction drills I felt a tad too much movement. Great traction on sole, specifically for the session I did which was based indoors! In relation to other training shoes such as the Nike Zoom Agility, I would give this shoe an 8/10. On thing I felt is slight extra width which potentially could be solved by going down half a size! Colour ways also very nice and bright which always helps!

Weight- 160g
Style- Training
Price- £125


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