Rebound UK at Slice Studios


Trampolining like a 6 year old and fitness combined?! ALL THE FUN!

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the Rebound UK event at Slice Fitness, based near Parsons Green station in Fulham. Rebounding, as it’s known, started back in 2005 and is now featured in over 1000 leisure centres, health clubs and studios across the country. It is a 20-45minute class which takes place on a small circular trampoline which is designed to give extra spring, whilst absorbing impact!Β Its founder James Winfield explains that “the idea is to concentrate on the downward push on the mat…then a small jump off it, creates a gravitational pull which is what is at the heart of what makes Rebounding work.” He believes six key benefits are:



-Core Strengthening

-Changed Body Shape

-Low Impact

-Exercise for all

So into class I jumped! First half was all to do with cardio, jumping sequences to music keeping you on the beat- simple but super effective. Arm movements were also incorporated such as boxing and upper body rotations- this was great but caused you to have to think hard to move hands and feet at different rates!


The second half of the class was all to do with core and strength. We were taken through a series of plyometrics which were so enjoyable due to the lack of impact. As an ex-thrower, plyos used to be the bain of my life as it was a lot of jumping and explosive work on a hard surface (killer for the knees)- rebounding was heavenly!

But don’t think that Rebounding is only for the lower body, no no no, press ups, Tricep dips and leg lowers were all incorporated for a full body attack!


After 45 minutes I was sweating ridiculously- always a sign of a great workout! I absolutely loved it, especially the fact you really do feel thrilled with every bounce. Highly recommend it to anyone fitness orientated or not, it is enjoyable for all. Thank you Rebound UK for an amazing evening and a new class I’ll certainly be adding to my work out schedule!

Find more info at :

Or to book a class at Slice Studios :


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