Fitness Fanatic to Iron Woman: Awesome April


How is April over!? It went so quickly, starting to call this Olympic Park a second home with all my visits this month! Well, here’s how Iron Man training went. It’s also rather scary that May means only 6months to go until I complete the full event 😳…


This month I have had a breakthrough with swimming. I jumped in the pool mid April and simply planned to swim as far as possible in as little time as possible. With front crawl still being a bit of a nemesis on the breathing front, I decided to put my broad shoulders to use and go for the breastroke focusing on long but strong strokes. Chuffed to say I managed 1500m in under an hour.


With regards to the front crawl I will not be defeated. I have found due to old shoulder injuries I am really restricted in my mobility and thus struggle with the positioning with my head moving in and out of the water to breathe.

In May I will continue to work on speed through the breastroke. But also the mobility in my shoulders, as well as get a sports massage to help reduce tension in this area.


As I mentioned in my March blog post, cycling this month has definitely taken a back seat. This is as I believe I am fairly confident on the bike and I think I needed to work on my weaknesses (mainly the swim). I only completed two cycle sessions, one indoors (an endurance cycle) and one on a Boris bike! I thoroughly enjoyed the cycle outside, through the Olympic park. It was also after a one hour swim, so I am slowly beginning to combine two sessions in one day.



This area seems to be one going fairly well not phenomenal but well. April started with a tough Half Marathon in Reading. With some steep hills at mile 3 and 8, I finished in a respectable time of 1:51. It was a tough race for me as stupidly I hadn’t expected course elevation-lesson learnt!

Two weeks later was Brighton 10k and I had to learn to find my speed again. The first 2 km was something I have not encountered before in a race. It was crowded. So much so, I ended up tripping and almost falling in the first kilometre, and then spent a large amount of the second kilometre weaving. Overall it meant I lost about two minutes of time and certainly any hope of a PB. However, the rest of the race was a breeze. I wended up hitting the splits I wanted and had a fast finish, which for me were 4:30/km for the last 2k!


As I write this I am 1 week out from another Half Marathon-Hackney. I hope to do a similar time to Reading after which, I begin a couple of weeks of running recovery before I embark on my marathon training plan for TCS Amsterdam Marathon in October.


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