Best’s Bootcamp- but is it?


Last week I went to another new boutique training studio located right next to Charing Cross station. Being in the heart of the city, Bests has a prime location, but does it match up to the Bootcamp workouts we already know and love? I’m a sucker for a new fitness class so I went to check it out with some other runners!

Upon entry the interior is very clean and modern, upon checking in you receive your shower towel and treadmill/box number. Into the changing rooms, lockers are sizeable with hangers for jackets and work attire. A huge bonus is there are smaller lockers available to allow you to charge mobiles/iPads whilst in class- bravo to that! Once bags are dropped off, class begins.

In a similar setup to other boot camps, the workout is divided between the floor and the treadmill. The floor moves are mostly facilitated by a multi functional rectangular box, which can be rotated to lay on, stand on or even add inclines and declines too. Other equipment can be used too anything from dumbbells to kettle bells medicine balls and resistance bands.

On the treadmill (which is in km/hr) a spring is inbuilt to the belt, so the impact of running is greatly reduced on the joints. You also have the ability to run down hill- an epic experience!

By the end of the workout I was sweating profusely- no change there! So the workout certainly got my body working, that’s for sure. The intensity was super high, the switches between tread and floor were less than 30seconds at time which occasionally didn’t give you chance to grab equipment to start straight away. Other than that, a very good class!

Upon leaving the studio, we were greeted with super cold towels which certainly helped the body recover. We also tried some protein shakes they are trailing at the moment too.


This one was mango, banana, blackberry and vanilla whey protein. My highlight had to be once back in the changing room there was a giant cooling fan which you could stand under and be blasted with cool air-phenomenal idea for those of us who sweat like a pig!!


Overall, Bests Bootcamp is at its heart a great workout which certainly burnt a lot of calories. In my honest opinion they still are finding their feet. Transitions from tread to floor need work especially with the boxes and with small numbers in the classes, at the moment, the vibe is not there YET. But that is not their fault at all. To stand out from the crowd and beat the likes of Barrys are they close? Right now, not at all. But give them time to grow, to find their feet and who knows, will Best’s be the best? Only time will tell.


Your first workout is free, so go ahead and give it a try and make your own judgement! Book your class at 😊


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