The Nike Pegasus 33



It’s finally here! The beautiful model that is the Pegasus, is in its 33rd model and the changes from the 32 are well worth documenting! Let’s take a look at the technical side of what’s hidden in this wonderous shoe…

The mesh on the Pegasus is thin and extremely breathable. The greater the size of ventilation holes the greater the breath ability, this means the toe box is a key area of ventilation as you can see from the image below. The thin but durable upper is also seamless meaning less friction spots for blistering.


The fly wire, which acts as a seatbelt to lock your foot down, pairs well with the ‘booty construction’. This creates a fantastic midfoot hold when you run.

The key change I love from the previous Pegasus model is the integration of an extra Zoom Air Unit in the forefoot. This gives a flawless transition from heel to toe off and added extra responsiveness. In previous models cushioning was becoming too soft in this area, so this change feels amazingly bouncy and helps stabilise the forefoot off the ground!


Another subtle but great change it the lateral borders crash rail. The external cushioning previous had a bigger angle causing runners who heel strike very laterally to almost supinate in the heel. This reduction in angle means the transition is far smoother through to the midfoot.


In the outsole we have a very similar design to the 32, however the hexagonal waffle sole area of the shoe is far stickier. This offers greater traction, especially at toe off in dry or very wet conditions.

Overall the shape of this shoe feels amazing. Strong heel counter holds the foot well, slightly narrowing but comfortable thought the midfoot; whilst the forefoot is wise enough to allow toes to move but not swim! I try to find at least one fault in a shoe but honestly, after a speed session in them last night, it’s hard to find a single thing. Highly recommend this shoe for any distance of running. Sublime!

Style: Neutral
Price: £100
Weight: 243g



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