Another Space: My New Yoga Space


Based in Covent Garden, Another Space is a combination of varied class workout mixed with optimal music and taking the mind and body somewhere new! That sentence is how Another Space describe themselves. Having visited a couple of times now, I feel I can give an honest review of this awesome new studio to hit London.


Three classes are on offer: Yoga, Cycle and HIIT. My favourite is yoga. I am a yoga beginner in my own eyes having done maximum 15 classes in my life so all my views are from a beginner! Whilst at Another Space I have had classes with Marc and Chris who both are phenomenal teachers. Chris is so mindful with different levels of practice, so whether you are a beginner or a yogi master his class will challenge you. Marc is calming and resourceful in terms of always bring you back to your breath. Breathing in yoga is the most important thing and help to centre the mind. I also am aware the amazing Jessica Skye teaches here too. As a Nike girl I had my first ever yoga class with her and can say she introduced to me to this awesome way of zoning out from the world (thank you for that girl!) .


There are two types of yoga done at Another Space, either Hot Yoga or normal Yoga. My first experience of hot yoga was here and the space is so simple and sleek anyway it was really inviting. The room is heated with purple infrared light which rather than heating just the skin, actually warms you from the inside!


During I wasn’t ever light headed or faint and the humidity was perfect. In this heat, the yoga is less active to encourage flowing through movements slowly and isolating specific positions. I loved it. Their normal yoga classes are just as good and a bit more dynamic with the movements. I’ve been to 3 classes, 2 Hot Yoga one normal Yoga and enjoyed both just as much!

Interior and Extras

Another Space, simply put, is clean, modern and sleek. The black, white and wooden theme is gorgeous and gives the feeling of an open space which is condition and inviting. From the changing rooms being equipped with everything from hairdryers to shaving foam and sanitary products, this space has it all. Ample sized lockers for storage including hangers as well.

Also, for busy periods when your in a daze a handy chalk board exists to write your initials on of your locker number incase you forget it!

My personal highlight being the comfort and size of the shower towels πŸ˜‚ honestly, there’s nothing more annoying that a poorly fitting towel. So bravo on that point Another Space.

Overall I’d highly recommend this boutique for yoga specifically! This doesn’t mean I don’t think the cycle or HIIT classes aren’t good (they are more than likely epic), I’ve just not had chance to test them yet and I sure soon will. Being at the same price as many of its competitors, for me Another Space stands out above the rest. For this reason it’s part of my marathon training programme to go once a week from now on and improve my practice and strengthen my body further.

Check out for more information!

Peace out


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