Nike NTC New App 💪🏼


The NTC (Nike Training Club) community has been around for years and is an integral part of Nike alongside Nike Running. This app has also been around for over 2 years but this update is the first which targets both men and women. Below I’ll give you a review of the new app and some of the awesome new features it has to offer for all!!


If you had the previous app you will see layout is slightly similar. Workouts are broken down into Strength, Endurance and Mobility. Within each section there is a variation of workouts available to all. 3 intensity levels: low,moderate, advanced to cater for all abilities. Workouts here now also have evolved to be used across equipment within gyms such as barbells and pull-ups within many of the strength workouts.


A great update to this new app is the ability to do “Benchmark workouts”. These workouts are meant to be used for you to assess your developing strength/endurance over time. Simple but effective exercises to judge your own growth.

Now the workouts aren’t always with equipment. In the tailor made 4 weekly programmes you can sign up to, there is the option to choose a programme not using a single piece of equipment. Thus making this app usable anywhere anytime!

Athlete workouts are still a bold feature on this NTC app. From Federer to Rory and the likes of Ellie Gouldig and Jessie J still feature with their workouts on here. Nike are great at continually updating the workouts from sponsored athletes so I’m very sure the list will continue!

Last but not least, the Nike + community is vast. On social medial their hashtag are used in the millions every single week. The app allows you to share your successes with others as part of the growing community in the digital world. So both men and woman can compare, celebrate and most of all have fun sharing their successes!

NTC App is available in the app store for all to share and it’s FREE!

Enjoy 🙂



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