Who is Emma ðŸ˜Š


Thought I’d take a moment to give a little info about myself. It’s weird writing about myself but here goes! Many of you may know me through the Instagram/blogging world or even from Nike and the only fact you may know is all I do is train! Haha but seriously, below are 20 facts about me (because I’m 23 and couldn’t think of a number of facts I went for the rounder number of 20 just because 😂). Some may be weirder than you expect and it’ll give you a true idea of who I am if you really want to know 🙋🏽

1. My full name is Emma Morayo Damilola Kirk-Odunubi. Pretty long right? I have my Dad to thank for the long African names there!
2. I grew up in Brighton and had two pets growing up, both Guinea pigs called Toffee and Goldie!
3. Went to university at Brunel in West London and stayed in London ever since.
4. I have a dislike for many normal foods that other people adore…so I’m sorry to say I don’t like Cheese, Avocado, Fish or Tea/Coffee.. Yes that means I don’t like pizza (with cheese I’ve had cheeseless ones which rock my world ❤️
6. YES LOVE NUTELLA SO MUCH. It deserves two facts. And a photo.

7. The first ever sport I did was running at 7 years old. I was told I had to wait until I was in year 2 to be allowed to join the running club as I was too young, that was then followed by Netball shortly after (a week at most 😂) .
8. I have competed at club/county/national level for Discus and at my best was ranked top 20 in the country across all ages.
9. One of my favourite sporting achievements was winning a BUCS silver medal with my University Netball team-sensational scenes!
10. I have also participated in at competed in Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cross Country and Basketball for a small period of time.
11. So it probably comes at no surprise I have been injured a lot 🙈 only every broken two bones though! One just happens to have been my skull…so a fairly major one! This means I have a Harry Potter indent in my head (you can feel it and yes it’s weird ⚡️)! The other was my foot!
12. My first pair of running shoes were Nike Pegasus circa 1999. That model is in the picture below and I’ll never forget those babies ❤️

13. It therefore also comes as no surprise Nike is a brand I have adored since day 1. From inspiration athletes they sponsor to also having worked for them and currently be a Pacer. It’s a huge part of my life and if you don’t like Nike we can’t be friends! Na I’m joking….or am I? 👀
14. Barrys Bootcamp is life, I love it! With my training at the moment it’s so hard to fit it in but it’ll always be love ❤️

15. I do actually like to wear heels and a dress and be a girl. As much as I live in sportswear due to my lifestyle and job!
16. I am single! So just form an orderly cue 😂🙈
17. I work for Profeet as a Gait Analyst and footwear seller! So basically can analyse you and your feet biomechanically and make insoles with good fitting running shoes accordingly. I love it.
18. My dad passed away from a brain tumour when I was in my first year of university aged 19. Ever since I have dedicated each year to raising money for Cancer research in any way possible!
19. Last year I was the youngest ever to complete 24 hrs of Burpees (I managed 7015- yes it hurt). This year I am completing my own full indoor iron man in his memory for Cancer Research, oh and that’ll be two weeks after I’ve done Amsterdam marathon which’ll be my first.
20. Last but not least I love the communities I am part of, be that Nike and all the incredible friendships I’ve made! Also Instagram has given me real true friends for life too, you know who you are 😘

So there you have it, that’s a bit about me! Was actually really hard to think of some of those facts. That’ll be the one and more than likely only post you’ll get about me apart from a few of my iron man updates!

Have a blessed week y’all



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