June/July Iron Man & Marathon Update


Source: http://www.cancerresearch.org

It’s now getting terrifyingly close! I am 4/5months away from completing not only my first ever Marathon, but also my first ever triathlon event. Oh and it’s just a small little full Iron Man 🙈

I’m doing this all for Cancer Research in memory of my Dad who passed 4 years ago from Brain Cancer. Fundraising for me is a way to give something back, to help other families, for children to have their parents for as long as possible and to try and beat this deadly disease.

Here is this months round up of my training…

So this pretty much mark me being only 4 short months away from doing the Marathon and my Indoor Iron Man for Cancer Research 2 weeks later 👀 but guess what my body is slowly getting stronger. I can feel it and I’m loving it!

This month I got back in the pool and managed four sessions thought June. It’s not enough, I know it’s not, But I’m still solidly swimming at around 1500m and hour which will equate to just over 2 hours to cover the Iron Man swim distance. Next month I have to get back to swimming consistently but also start to do sessions which are longer than an hour to get the distance in my body!


Absolutely loved cycling this month as I clocked an overall 6minute speed increase over the a marathon distance cycle. Obviously it’s a fraction of the 180km I need to cover on the day but I’m still getting it done in 1:20 which is bang on my target of around 30km/hr. I have found interval sessions have massively helped and doing spin bike work has been very valuable too. Next month? Learning to be on the bike for over 2-3hrs and not lose sensation in my glutes!!


Running has been going really well! Stuck to my training plan and sessions as well as pace times for tempo/recovery runs. Long runs are now about to hit 10miles this week so intrigued to see how the legs and mind cope when I start to push into the unknown of over 13 miles!
This month/the last 6weeks I’ve completed two 10km races through the streets of London. Very well organised by Vitality and time wise I was a second apart between each race (49:47 &49:48). So I’m happy I’ve nailed my pace consistently. It also proves to me that with a bit more strength work, hopefully sub 4 hours should be achievable for Amsterdam Marathon 😁


Overall, as it seems has happened over the last few months I have neglected swimming! I need to make a change consciously to swim more. Running is looking after itself and it seems cycling 1/2 times a week is also doing me just fine. Time to work harder, to fully embrace triathlete life and get it done 👊🏼


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