Zoom Wildhorse 3


This trail shoe is a first for me! I’ve never purchased one before, but luckily working in the industry I do, plus having some pretty epic trial running friends; I knew the necessities to look for. A trail shoe differs from a normal running shoe by being slightly stiffer, especially in the forefoot- thus more durable on tougher terrain. It also has a more aggressive outsole which aids traction on a surface such as rock, grass and cinders.

So the Wildhorse what did I think….

Firstly the upper of this shoe is so seamless. The breathability is great due to the light upper. I was also so unaware of extra overlays or stitches and that’s because they don’t exist! The toe box is cleverly overlayed to reinforce it. It’s an area that could be prone to more wear especially when running down hill.

Something which is evident on pretty much all Nike shoes is the fly wire. This acts as a seatbelt to the mid-foot and helps keep it stable in the shoe. Flywire here is essential when on such uneven surfaces and in the mountains, it felt great!


It felt like I could really rely on the shoe and not have to be more cautious with my footing.
Volume of the toe box is also substantial and doesn’t constrict the foot to much. This allows natural splay of the toes when running.

The midsole is the combination of cushlon and phylon foam, alongside Nikes Classic Zoom Air Unit located in the heel. This makes for a great responsive light feel. There also is a rock plate which runs through the forefoot to help stabilise, stiffen and prevent the feel of rocks under foot.

The heel to toe drop on this shoe is 8mm (heel height at 28mm and forefoot at 20mm). For some who have pansy calfs like me, it did mean I felt my calfs working a little harder but that’s a good thing right?! I just had to keep on top of my stretching foot rolling to keep my feet supple.

This is the beauty of the shoe, the pattern of the waffle sole is what gives the Wildhorse it’s superb feel.

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Over small rocks and tree branches and Jagger’s terrain in the Alps I at no point felt anything digging into my foot. The deep and aggressive lugs, in the classic waffle design mean grip is optimal. Even in wet conditions going downhill I still felt able to control myself and rely on the shoe to help me. The durable rubber (BRS 1000) makes this shoe great underfoot.

Key Facts:

Zoom Wildhorse
Style: Trail
Drop height: 8mm
Weight: 241g (sample size men’s)
Price: £100

Overall, I really loved this shoe. My usage was through the mountains in the Alps on soft packed grass, wet rock and hard terrain. I really got a good, well rounded use for the shoe. I would highly recommend it to anyone. But, if you have weak or temperamental calfs, just be prepared for them to be a tad sore if you haven’t eased yourself in to using these. Key reason? That 8mm drop height. Which to be fair is only 2mm less than most shoes on the market these days! Otherwise 9/10 from me!!

Any questions just ask guys 🙂


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