Life as a GamesMaker at London 2012


Today’s post is definitely a throwback but to one of the greatest two weeks of my life as a GamesMaker for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Below I’ll discuss my roles in both the Olympics and Paralympics as well as my favourite moments and stand out memories from that time! πŸ™‚

To be a games maker the interviews started way back in 2010/11 and it began as a long process. Going through 2 rounds of interviews the selection team whittled us down from over 250,000 to the lucky 70,000 of us chosen. It was a day I will never forget; when I opened that email and was confirmed I WOULD BE A GAMESMAKER!!!

At the Games I was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon & the Olympic Stadium during the Paralympics and the Closing Ceremony. At Wimbledon my role varied day to day involving ticketing as well as my personal highlight-court side! I was lucky enough to see the likes of Federer, Andy Murray, Nadal and Del Potro play and even got to see Andy Murray’s final on Centre court.


It was an experience I will never forget. Seeing the players around the courts was also great from the Williams sisters family to even British royalty, and as games makers the public loved us too! It was a strange concept having tourists as for photos with us but I loved every moment. I loved also how our team spread from ages of 18-75 and all of us had one common goals to spread joy at the Games and ensure we show the world our hospitality.

At the Paralympics I was at the Olympic stadium and was able to witness the like of the infamous Oscar Pistorius run. I was lucky enough to also be there for David Weirs incredible medal hall too.

As a group of Games makers our shifts were long, beginning at 5:45am in the room you see above and finishing at 2pm on most days was truly knackering. But the pride felt by being involved in the worlds greatest sporting event overruled that every time!!


We received badges every day we turned up on shift as a token of thanks and as a collectors item. I was lucky enough to be given a Russian badge and as we as a cute trinket by a member of the South Korean team. I was handed it and told to have blessed Games, I felt honoured.

My final, and possibly greatest memory was the closing ceremony. I remember standing in the packed out stadium hearing the voice of Seb Coe saying “…the Games Makers stand among the heroes of London 2012”. At this point a roar surrounded the stadium. Standing in a stair way me and my fellow games makers were encouraged to stand in the crowd as we received a standing ovation from over 40,000 people. That right there was the most spine chilling, incredible feeling ever.


The London 2012 Games not only inspired a country, it inspired a generation. The likes of Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Jess Ennis, David Weir and Ellie Simmonds all showed us their world class ability and made us proud. We proved that London was great, we proved that sport had the power to break boundaries and we proved people unite over sport no matter the politics. It’s an experience I will treasure forever and as Seb stated that evening …”London 2012- Made in Britain”


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