Race Report: Bristol Half Marathon


Sunday I was lucky enough to run in Bristol half marathon, after being offered a place by the wonderful team at Duracell. As key sponsors of the race I was excited to see how they would help me on race day, as well as how the city of Bristol would be to run!

Started bright and early, but happily not to early. I was in white wave and it meant 9:38 start for the race. Once in the pen I found myself searching for the Duracell bunny pacer- 1:50. The time was ambitious considering my recent training, but thought why not, I’ve got nothing to lose! The gun sounded and off we went!

The first half a mile was slightly congested, but still managed to go through in 8minute mile pace. I thought I was a bit swift but I felt surprisingly good so continued. Mile 2-7 were beautiful, even with the torrential downpours, running along side the Avon river. A slight incline in the first 4miles meant the last 3 miles were downhill- fantastic. One thing I did learn however, some runners don’t know how to run downhill 🤔


Between 7-10 we were working our way back into the city. Fairly flat and this is where the supporters came and it was just at the right time. Seeing some of the Duracell Powerboards really helped. My favourite of the day saying “I feel your pain, and that pain should be pride” 👍🏼 Amazing bands from Punjabi music to classic samba bands and solo singers, so much fun. The final 3 miles, I won’t lie, had some cheeky little hills- short but sweet. All I kept thinking was finish line was close. All of a sudden I could see it, I let my legs run like Forest Gump and boom the time was 1:49:15!

I was sooooooo happy. I can’t begin to tell you, it was almost the perfect race- no PB but physically it’s the best I’ve felt during a half marathon. No aches, just strong legs powering on- overjoyed!


Thanks again to Duracell for the place and I hope to be involved to another ‘Great Run’ event in the future! I strongly recommend it to anyone, my favourite half marathon to date.


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