Lessons I learnt from my first marathon

I learnt so many lessons from my first marathon. I really wanted to share 4 key things I learnt are vital about that first marathon. I mean, you always remember you first right…πŸ˜‰


I learnt my glutes are the laziest bunch of muscles in my body πŸ˜‚ post race everything but they hurt. Every other muscle recruited and did more work than they did because they aren’t activating! It’s made me realise for my second marathon, I need to do ALOT of strength work prior. Especially single leg work. So if you are yet to run your first marathon and are reading this- make those buns STRONG!

Training is the hardest bit

The actual marathon was actually easier than the training for the race! Obviously the run hurt, but it was an accumulation of hard work through weeks and weeks of mileage.


The race on the day is one race and once it’s done it’s done! The more consistent you are with mileage during those high load weeks, the more ready you’ll be.

Footwear is EVERYTHING

If your footwear is bad your onto a non starter. Make sure you get properly fitted with a gait analysis. By doing so you know your footwear is catered for your body movements and this will help reduce chance of injury. Also be aware, shoes last roughly 400 miles.


For Amsterdam I trained for 3months in one shoe, then replaced it 4/5 weeks before the race with the exact same model. Now this is just me, but make sure your shoe is healthy in mileage for race day. Don’t be dumb and buy one the day before and wonder why you got blisters πŸ˜‚


When I took my first step over that starting line, my pride was huge. I’d survived the 4/5months of training to get to that point. Those early mornings of sleepless running and those super hot afternoon runs (unplanned πŸ˜‚), as well as gruelling track sessions- all worth it. When crossing that finish line positively BEAMING that my body had allowed me to complete something only 1% of the worlds population has!


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