Can you fall out of love with running?


I’m writing posing this question because I’ve heard it has happened to many people and want to address it. Whether it’s upon reaching a running goal such as half marathon or marathon; or being stopped in your tracks by an injury, some lose the passion! After my busy month of Amsterdam Marathon and the Iron Man, it’s a question I can fully appreciate. Sharing my running journey with you, I feel, is the best way to give my answer.

My running, as with most, began with searching for that freedom that exercise gives you. Couple of years ago I was just a gym bunny who hated running more than 400m πŸ˜‚ (honest ask my old throwing coach, I would refuse to run a lap of the track to warm up back then)! Then through working for Nike I was given a free place in the Nike Women’s 10k in Victoria Park. I hadn’t trained and rocked up the next day ran 10k in just under an hour and died. But funnily, loved every single second. And so began the love. Running was my escape from the world and its responsibilities. It was a way I learnt to think through choices and problems.

After the race, through Nike, NRC became a HUUGGEE part of my running life.

It was a way to meet amazing people with the same mindset as you, as well as feel part of a community of incredibly inspiring individuals. Not just everyday runners too, but some of worlds greatest athletes! The runs worked around my work schedule and made the week exciting!

So the last 2 years have consisted of me completing 6 10km races, 4 half marathons, 1 marathon and an Iron Man. Mad. Now were these years of races simple? Gosh no. I had injuries from twisted ankles to broken feet and ongoing shin issues! I had times when I thought what am I doing?! Especially during some of those 18mile runs πŸ˜‚ It’s now almost two weeks since my Iron Man and my body is still not right. The thought of running any more than 5k makes me want to hurl. But have I lost my love for it? No, and I don’t think I ever will.

Why? Because running is more than just running. Running is freedom. Running is the incredible communities it creates. For me, running has brought some amazing people into my life who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Running is part of who I am but for now my body needs a break. I think that answers it. Can you fall out of love with running? I guess so. Have I? No, we’re just on a break.


Well, at least until it’s time to laces those trainers up in 2017! Bath and Berlin Half and Brighton Marathon next year 😜

Happy running folks x


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