2016- A Year of Growth

With all the losses and bad things that has happened in the world this year, (Brexit, Trump, Icons dying and the change in the shape of Toblerone) I realised that some pretty epic things also happened this year. So I decided to round em up and add some light and brightness to 2016!

My first marathon- with my girl Ella by my side we took on Amsterdam, our first marathon! Helping each other through the long runs and with Ella only just taking up running on this year a MASSIVE achievement for her. So proud of her and look forward to exploring the world through races and for us to tackle our home marathon together next year ❤️


Work- Profeet is a place this year I have truly learnt a lot and grown as a person. Learning about the human body, day to day, is something I believe I’m lucky to be able to do. Helping others to be free of pain and discomfort is very humbling and teaches you to be thankful for your day to day life.

Becoming assistant manager in the latter stages of this year was fantastic. Being giving more responsibility to allow me to grow my set of skills even further- the dream. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with stress, but it’s worth it for the good times!

Nike- Pacing has been the single best thing I’ve done this year. Especially the honour of being voted MVP for 2016 by the team. Simply helping runners to grow stronger and faster whilst having a blast is the aim. Being surrounded by inspirational people who have become friends, as well as being supported by the biggest and best brand in the industry- doesn’t get much better does it?


Strong women- this year I have been lucky enough to find a group of girls who share the same passion for fitness as myself. Tara, Tashi, Laura, Polly, Khyati, Georgia and Grace. The group of 7 have not only been by my side during my crazy challenges this year; but when I need a pick me up or a guaranteed laugh I know exactly who to turn to.

Strong women surrounded by strong women make STRONGER women 🙌🏽 I cannot wait to share races with these girls next year and help each other grow and achieve even more!

Iron Man- 2016 was a year of dedicated training 5/6days a week to prepare my body for the pain. All in aid of cancer research I managed to raise just under £700 by completing the indoor Iron Man in 12hrs 53 mins! It was a huge achievement personally, even though it hurt a lot ,I was proud to be an Iron Man finisher!

Lessons from the year? Main tip I’d give moving into 2017: You are as strong as you allow yourself to be. Believe you can, set the goal and you’ll have no choice but to accept it and smash it!

So 2017…what you got for me?


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