The Nike Metcon 3

The world of lifting weights through exercise classes as well as Crossfit has grown massively. The need for a shoe that is able to not only let you Deadlift but row and do Burpees was needed. Enter 2 years ago the Nike Metcon! This year we have had the joy of having a flyknit addition to the Metcon family which I’ll review at a later date. Today it’s all about the new Metcon 3 model and I’ve put it through its paces in a leg workout and here’s what I found…


The Metcon 3 upper is extremely light and breathable. To deal with the intensity of movement carried out during training, Nike have embroidered reinforcement to high wear areas to increase durability. Flywire is a feature included to help give that lockdown feel in the mid-foot.

Elsewhere in the upper, the midfoot has an abrasion resistant film which key to help reduce heat and friction. Coming to the back of the shoe, the heel has a layer of extra breathable mesh to help with sweat wicking. Ultimately, this helps to keep the heel from slipping and keep it locked down in the shoe along with the help of the heel cage.


The midsole is more flexible than the toe allowing for better movement off the toes. I found this using them for rowing and felt I had more movement. The midsole more cushioned and has also had a reduction in drop height. This is the difference from heel to toe.

Now sitting at 4mm it is closer to their ground and thus is more stable underfoot. Especially I found when doing the staple move of a squat! The extra patterns to the rise into the midsole provide increased traction for rope climbs (if you can which I can’t do 😂 yet anyways).


The rubber on this shoe is so durable and light. The extra flex grooves as mentioned above allow better toe movement for exercises like Rowing and Burpees.


The rubber also helps to give than solid foundation of strength to the shoe to make you feel stable underfoot.


I really love the update to the Metcon 3. A stand out for me is the upper change which meant my foot felt way less constricted during movements I needed to move quickly in. Staple moves like squats, cleans and deadlifts felt great from the perspective that I wasn’t thinking about heelslipping or movement in the shoe.     Lastly, I’ve heard people mention a squeakiness to the shoe? Yes well, I’ve heard nothing of the sort in mine, quiet as a mouse!

Price: £110


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