The Good Guru Good Workout Review

So as with a lot of people marathon training I’ve changed my focus from my last. This year I’m focusing a lot on strength. Especially leg strength, which individually is surprisingly weak!
In my programme I am doing at least two weights sessions a week to aid this. To help me get the best out of my workouts, enter stage right, The Good Guru Good Workout. I have never had pre workout before and have always struggled to get on with it, but I gave it a go and here are my thoughts 💪🏼


Firstly, every single pre workout I have ever tasted (about 4/5) has not been like slurping on chocolate milkshake, let’s be honest now. The Good Guru firstly chose a clever flavour of lemon. Reason being because of the ingredients there is a slight tangy taste on the palette and lemon also has this so one does not notice it as much. Also pairing with some lemon cordial helped me take the edge off a bit too.

Right here’s the thing. I don’t drink tea or coffee-mental right? Never have and maybe never will. So I am very reactive when it comes to any form of caffeine. After about 20minutes I was feeling jittery and ready to run. I’d arrived at Barry’s and was literally buzzing. The class went amazing, I lifted heavier weights I ran faster than I had before I was psyched up and giving my all. In Barry’s it’s easy for this to happen because of the environment. However, also happened in my own gym workout too. So much of a boost.


After my gym session I felt great and went to work for a busy day and didn’t crash until evening. So I was super happy. With the Barry’s class however different story purely from my own fault. Pre workout should not be taken after 7pm 🙈 what clever girl took it at 7:15pm before a 7:50pm class? Yes that would be me and I couldn’t sleep until about 2am that night.

Ultimately, the boost for my workout was great and the feeling of being ‘unstoppable’ meant I could hit my workout hard. Down side honestly for me would still be taste. But the fact it work for me is enough, I can play around with juices to make it more palatable certainly! The GoodGuru use a mix of caffeine and BCAAs to reduce fatigue (I certainly felt that) and Creapure a derivative of Creatine to increase performance.
What I take it again? Definitely! Would I take it again after 7pm? Maybe not!


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