Marathon lessons I have to remind myself I learnt…

Marathons are no joke. It’s not just 26.2 miles on race day; it’s the 300-400 odd miles you put in during training that really count. Now training for my second, I have to keep giving myself a nudge. Here are 6 marathon tips I keep on telling myself, because I did in fact learn something from my last:

1. It’s a training journey, don’t fret about the high mileage on day 1. Running your first marathon can be so daunting, but it’s the reason you’re following a plan. By slowly building week on week you’re incredible body adapts- you can do it!

2. Keep your long runs slow. By doing this you are able to adapt to running further, at the closing of your programme you may want a few long runs to have a segment of marathon pace. Initially though, keep relaxed and controlled (roughly 1minute slower than marathon pace some say).


3. Try lots of different nutrition brands in training. Everyone is different and so if gels work for your friend from one company, there’s a chance your body may totally hate them. This will cause for upset stomachs when running and you can all guess how unpleasant that is! So buy brands of all types and test them out. Make sure you have you favourites by race day!

4. Strength work is vital- especially single leg. I’ve mentioned this in other posts but after my first marathon everything hurt but my glutes! I knew this was wrong and this time round have taken to being in the gym twice a week and running only 3 times a week. Everyone is different but try at least once a week to focus on leg strength.

5. Correct footwear is ESSENTIAL. In my training for my first marathon I was fitted correctly for footwear (luckily I work at Profeet in Fulham where the fitting service is unrivalled)! During training most use one shoe throughout or even, like myself change half way through to a new pair. Get a gait analysis and make sure you’re armed with the right tools from the outset.

6. Lastly, nutritionally recover well! Eating correctly whilst training is essential to keeping you strong. After long runs, take on protein, such as The Good Guru Essential Whey Strength to help muscle recovery. For some, especially women, you may find your fatigue increases due to iron deficiency and the extra training. Check this with your doctor but you can always supplement this!


Overall, enjoy your first marathon experience! s they say you’ll never get your first back.
Happy running 🙂


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