The Kayano 23


This is Asics flagship shoe which is now in its 23rd year. It’s a favourite amongst so many runners, but what is this shoe really about this year? A few changes have happened but how does it affect the functions of the traditional Kayano? That’s what I found out…


The upper has been altered and has fewer restrictive overlays. The fit is known as Fluid Fit and the aim is to increase forefoot support.


In some people however this change to the upper has meant the toe box has become slightly narrower than previous models.


In its 23rd mode the Kayano’s midsole still has Asics trusty Gel Cushioning. This offers plush underfoot feel and absorbs shock to protect the joints on impact.


The midsole continues to have the dual density system to enhance stability and control rearfoot pronation. Duomax support has been in the Kayano for many years and is here to stay!


The Kayano’s outsole shows the classic Trusstic System which is a way to keep the shoe structured through the mid-foot. This helped to work with the firm midsole to stabilise the foot.Β The rubber on the outsole is a blown rubber compound which is durable and even aids further in the cushioning in the forefoot.


Overall, the fit of the Kayano is narrow through the heel. So will be good for those with narrow ankles. Similar shape through the mid-foot, to open up in the toe box before narrowing again at the end. In the men’s fit this shoe is generally a bit wider however.
For the runner who has strong rear-foot pronation but resupinates well (doesn’t pronate in the fore-foot), this shoe is great. The cushioning is incredible and will carry any runner through marathons and beyond!

Drop height: 13mm
Weight: 260g (UK size 5.5)
Support shoe
Price: Β£145


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