Do you feel like you need to be doing something every waking hour of the day to be successful? Social media tells us that people barely sleep and if they do they are still plotting how to get better, faster, stronger or better in their career. Don’t get me wrong I’m 100% for self improvement and success. But is it worth doing at the risk of your own health? Below I’ll chat about what’s happened to me recently and how I plan on being a better me, ALL around without running myself in the ground…again.


So right now, I’m training for 2 half marathons and 2 marathons over the next 2months; trying to work all hours to build my career as a mid 20 something; trying to travel in the city with TFL and Southern rail fuck about like children; attempting to eat healthy and live in London without falling in to debt; oh and at some point, remembering I also need to sleep πŸ˜‚

So you can see why I’m easily falling apart!

It’s so hard and learning I was struggling took multiple calls from my mum (LOVE HER ❀️), as well as a reality check from the best group of friends a girl could ask for. I realised my diet had taken a U-turn and I was getting more and more lethargic. Last week my body simply failed me. Full of cold refusing to do all movement and ultimately being bed bound for a day was an essential. It’s coming up to a week later and I’m feeling 50% more like myself which is a start! I’m slowly finding that prioritising my health in mind, body and (I know it sounds cheesy) but soul is more important.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some changes I’m making to my lifestyle to help combat my stresses:

– Every Sunday making sure I have a plan for the week, including food/meal prep evenings, training and work events. This includes an all important rest day. Be that yoga, a leisurely stroll for myself or a day of Netflix.
– Set small achievable goals in the week to feel a sense of success.
– Giving myself a weekly budget. Take out the cash I need for a week once it’s spent that’s it! This will help with the money conscious in me.
– Take an evening to just relax, unwind and go to bed early. Trying to leave my phone alone for at least half an hour before I sleep to help turn my brain off.
– Talk. I’m very good at bottling everything up until I break. Talking about your problems helps massively, friends want to help because they care. So don’t feel a burden for asking them to lend an ear.


Overall, I don’t have the answer but I’m hoping some of these changes to my daily life will make a difference. I felt sharing some of my stresses will prove that o matter how busy people are or appear to be, shit can be scary and get you down. I’ll be honest, I feel like a weak and fragile person who’s lost their strength at the moment. So it’s time to find me again and I hope this might help anyone in the same position.

Much love amigos



2 thoughts on “Pressure

  1. Hi Emma, a very thoughtful and relevant post.

    It’s way to easy to get dragged under with commitments and demands of life; a lot of the points you made in your post had me like “yep, that’s me”

    I’ve been trying to work on time management (did a blog post on the subject last month), with the outcome hopefully being that if my time is managed better I can handle life a bit better!

    but really it’s the small changes that will help us on our way, so for me at the moment it’s trying to get more sleep and impose a digital curfew 30 mins before bed……..which are still works in progress


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