Shoe Review: The Ultra Boost


In this weeks post I’m reviewing the Ultra Boost, brought into the world by Adidas. As a material, Boost has been around for many years now. It is such an intriguing technology but what does it do and how is it different from standard ‘cushioning’ as we know it within our shoes? If you wanna know you’ll have to have a gander below!


Firstly, the upper of this shoe is a single knitted woven material. Known as Prime knit, and looking very suspiciously similar to Nike’s better known Fly knit; this upper leaves the foot with no irritation spots.

The upper is very pliable and stretches in multiple ways. It’s great for those with wider feet at the forefoot, or those with bunions. However, it does not hold the foot as well as it could. There are areas which need to be more tightly woven to add stability. However, the upper is super comfortable on the foot.


BOOST! What is it? Firstly, boost in in technical terms is lots of tiny beads of TPU (a thermoplastic) which has been heated in a particular way, then glued together to create an amazing cushioned responsive ride.


Boost is so advanced mainly because of: It’s responsiveness (energy return), it’s ability to not be compromised by excessive temperature and its durability. In multiple lab tests, the material has been suggested to last 600-700 miles which, is way further than most footwear on the market (average of 450-500miles)!


The outer layer of the Ultra Boost is made from Adidas’ well known partner Continental tyres. The webbed design you can see in the phot makes it extremely durable.


On version one of the ultra boost the outsole had raised droplets on it. This soon became hazardous when running in the rain and also made it less stable biomechanically. So in this version the have been smoothed down and make for a far more stable sole.

Overall, I cannot deny how good looking this shoe is. Comfort wise it’s amazing but honestly, for the long run, I couldn’t wear it. Personally, I found I was able to move around far too much in it and was craving more mid-foot lockdown. Great for fast tempo runs and sprints however!

Key facts:

Neutral (very neutral)


302g (Men’s 8.5uk)

10mm drop height


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