Searching for true happiness

So it’s safe to say everyone in life has good days and bad days. Some people have more bad than good and it can throw everything in their life out of sync. Recently, I’ve struggled with finding good days and instead of boring you with why, I have decided to share how I am trying to increase the likelihood of happiness in my life!

1. Loving yourself as best you can

Now when I say this, I mean it. People sometimes confuse loving yourself with being arrogant and too much confidence. No. We all have self doubts about our looks and have our insecurities. It’s a part of life which due to social media, celebrity magazines and television, we have thrust in our faces all the time. Body dysmorphia is hugely on the rise and it’s very easy to see why. “Get that perfect bikini body”, “10 ways to get shredded”, “Burn those love handles away” and a personal fave “Get those booty gains” 🙄 the list goes on.

Now I’m not saying working out the body isn’t good, of course it is! BUT we are all different shapes and sizes and need to learn to embrace it. Yes, let’s exercise to stay healthy, not to get a booty like Kimmy K (who we all know bought it anyway) or as ripped as the guy who won the Body building world champs this year (who we all know take steroids and drugs that could kill him!). The media is a world where reality is augmented. Don’t let that make you feel down about yourself and how great you actually are.

For example, I’m no size 6, slim gal. I’ve got a belly which, unless I haven’t consumed vast amounts of Nutella (never not a likelihood), will always be podgy and I’ve got thighs that make buying jeans positively horrendous! BUT I know these abs helped hold me when completing 24hrs of burpees; I know this 76kg frame was strong enough to complete and ironman. Oh and these big thighs? Well they enable me to run half marathon and marathons every year.

Guys and girls, what I’m trying to say is: your body, no matter it’s shape or size, is able to achieve amazing things. Whether that’s your first press-up or running your first 5km. It is so hard in this world to not judge yourself harshly and I’m certainly not saying it’s simple. But trust me learning to embrace your flaws is the first step in loving yourself. It’s something I’m finding hard, but learning it’s something I need to do.  Hopefully it’s that first step in finding how to truly happy with yourself.



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