Searching for true Happiness- part 2


Last week I discussed how, loving ourselves truly and whole heartedly, would go some way in helping us find true happiness. This week the 2nd goal to strive toward is pretty simple but, I find it has been the single biggest factor in how my mindset has changed…

2. Friendship

Now as simple as this sounds, being around those who care about you and love you makes you feel safe. Whatever kind of down day you’re having, the difference a friend can make to that is huge.

Whether that friend is someone you talk to and open up to, or simply just texts you exchange where they’re checking in that you’re okay. That is all it takes to feel more positive. It’s very hard to feel down and low, when the people around you are trying so hard to help build you back up!

In the world of social media, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people who I’m now lucky enough to call my closest friends. Shared values and hobbies help and all of them understand the ups and downs that life throws! The support I personally have received from my close friends and family, has been vital in me starting the journey to find myself again.

Finding happiness is a process. I like to think I’m  almost there. But I more than anyone know it’s a process, it’s a rollercoaster, BUT it’s possible. I just wanted this simple post to explain to every single one of you, that people matter. When you might feel like hiding away from the world-don’t. Surround yourself with people who love, inspire, support and encourage you to be yourself ❤️


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