Marathon Tapering Nutrition- Iron

Of course, it goes without saying that during marathon training we should be eating as nutritionally well as possible. The extra exertion we expect from our bodies requires the correct fuelling for us to stay at our best (with the occasional jar of Nutella thrown in there too 😜). This year I have found, especially during the heavy mileage weeks, I was excessively lethargic and it tampered with my moods and motivation to run! So now, more than ever in my taper I need that consistency of energy. An additional to help myself? Iron πŸ™ŒπŸ½

What is Iron and what does it actually do?

Iron is a mineral which helps our bodies to function properly- it has many roles. It is of key importance in the of making red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the the body to muscles, in order to help them function properly. So therefore a lack of iron can cause muscle to be easily fatigued as a lack of red blood cells are present in the body!

As a woman and athlete in general I know I am naturally low in iron. Women have periods once a month (joy!) and this is a key reason whey we more likely to suffer from anaemia (iron deficiency) than men. That is not to say men do not get anaemic, it’s a problem for many people, but most common in sports men and women.


How can we help ourselves out?!

Firstly, I always suggest gaining as much iron as possible from food and in your daily diet. Natural is always the best. Foods such as: liver, spinach, broccoli, kale, nuts, meats, whole grains and beans.
If you struggle still to fit the recommended 15mg of iron (slightly more fore those who intensely exercise) then supplements can help and I use the Good Guru Good Iron.


These two capsules are mixed with Vitamin C to help your body absorb the nutrient quicker. I have been taking these the last week consistently, as well as on and off the last few months to see if they make a difference. Verdict? Hell yes. I try to eat all the right things but sometimes I can’t get enough. The days I have taken the iron I feel way less fatigued. Also, the great thing is the Good Iron has simple ingredients, nothing more than you need. I’ve had others and there always weird preservatives you can never pronounce and if I can’t say it why should I put it in my body!? Cut the crap and just make easy.

If you need iron use my code EMMA10 to get yourself discount on the Good Guru Good Iron and any other of their products!

Let me know your thoughts 😊

(FYI I know this information from my knowledge as a sport scientist and having done a diploma in Fitness Nutrition πŸ˜‰ Just incase you needed validation)


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