Strong Women, Super Smurfs and a Special Race 🇩🇪

IMG_4103We had been planning this trip for over 6 months and last Friday, the weekend of Berlin Half marathon had finally arrived. 8 running lasses, one city and a race was on the cards! Who knew it would be so eventful for so many 😂🙈

Firstly we almost missed our flight…

Yes you read that correctly. Apparently all of us (well technically three including myself 🙄), can’t read the difference between 37 and 87. I like to use the excuse it was early, it was also April fools day so I think Stansted were ‘avin right laugh! Anywayyyy, after much hysteria, panicked laughing and an escorted elevator ride with security and a run to the plane WE MADE IT!

First hurdle accomplished 😂 just.

The rest of our journey was smooth and we arrived in beautiful sunny Berlin! After settling into to our air bnb, the next stop was food. Of course, as healthy runners/bloggers we all went for the avocados, celery and dairy gluten free and egg-free omelettes right? Nein! Germany’s best export was top of our list HARIBO…golden bears, cola bottles and smurfs (yes smurfs)- truly wondrous.

Disclaimer: we didn’t eat haribo totally for dinner 😂 we had our own pasta party and it was gloriously cooked by KP, Murray Laura and Georgia!

Flat lay shots taken, sleepy time for race day! An amazing race atmosphere and a personal race goal of chilling the heck out were achieved. Tashi, Georgia and KP all with PBs the little gems; Tara with a great time; Laura overcoming sickness mid way to run an epic time too AND the best cheer squad around from Polly and Grace! Bless them, both got injured on the road to Berlin, took so much willpower to not run; but still came and we’re amazingly supportive 🎉 The course? Pretty much flat! Two steady short inclines and through the heart of the city it was a wide and fast course-I’d highly recommend it.


Berlin is such a beautiful city. We spent time post race (next day) exploring the historical sights, eating awesome food as suggested by the culinary wizard KP and laughing to our hearts content! I’d manage to niggle my foot, (we pray it’s a tweak and nothing more 😩🙏🏽) so was a hop-along round the city, but a happy one at that.

This trip taught me how important friends are. Being with the girls felt like being on a family vacation, but with more hilarity! From a race perspective I learnt how to hold back on pace and truly enjoy a race. Berlin you were everything I hoped and more, until next time ✌🏼

GULP that next time is Brighton in oh you know only 5 DAYS!!


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