Self Belief for Race Day


Once you’ve been training up for a big race, be that a 10k, a half or marathon, for some reason the final days leading up to it we allow self doubt to put a dark shadow over us. Well that’s what happened to me before Brighton. I let everything from a little niggle in my leg to the weather get to me (which ultimately it did but still)!
Below are reasons you need to have faith in the final stages and stay as calm as possible. Not just faith, but self confidence and belief in yourself that this race is YOURS 🎉

1. You’ve more than likely been training a long time for this. You have survived the training and now the hard work is over-just race day!
2. You know the kit you’re running in, you’re prepared for the blisters, you’ve got your nutrition. The kit you have won’t fall apart come race day!

3. You cannot control the weather! Don’t let that worry you. My favourite phrase is: ‘If you CAN affect the problem, don’t worry about it because you’re in control. If you can’t affect the problem don’t worry because you can’t do anything to stop it and must accept fate-ce sera sera. Get to the race in plenty of time and be in control of the start.
4. Do the best you can on that given day. Even if you’ve got an injury or feeling worse for wear. It may not be a PB but that day in those circumstances it should be YOUR best. Don’t cross the line saying you could have given more.
5. You’ve put you’re body through countless long runs and weights sessions 3/4/5 times a week. It is capable of amazing things. Your feeling a niggle? Irrelevant. You can do this, your body has adapted and is ready to conquer your goal.
6. Feed off of the crowd come race day. If you spend the week prior (stupidly) having self doubt, remember race day thousands of strangers have faith in you and cheer you own. CHEER for your damn self and keep going!

7. Lastly, if you’re doing a marathon, the race is such an emotional rollercoaster stay strong, keep moving forward. DO NOT GIVE UP. The mind is powerful, use willpower to keep moving forward. ENJOY EVERY SECOND of being a phenomenally successful human being!!!

MASSIVE GOOD LUCK to everyone I know this race season! Especially all the London marathon runners I’m ready to cheer you on 🙌🏽🎉


2 thoughts on “Self Belief for Race Day

  1. Great post. I would add, put your name on your race shirt. It really helped me to have people in the crowd to call my name. And don’t listen to well-meaning Naysayers. I had a few in my first London Marathon and then Athens marathon. Like you said, trust the training you’ve done!

    As I started London this year, in my head I replayed the song, “this is what you came for”, because no matter how much training sucked, I LOVE race day! It is amazing to be surrounded by all those fellow runners who are doing something amazing for themselves and others (charity).

    Thank for sharing, hon!


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