Two marathons in 7 weeks


So two weeks of recovery are done for me (with a Barry’s and a weights session thrown in there which I probably should not have done 🙃)! So less than 5 weeks until Edinburgh marathon time- cool 👀
How do you prepare for another marathon only 6weeks since the last? Well that’s the journey I’m about to work out!

Its not like I only have a week or two so could just do nothing. It’s a long enough time that I should probably do some running. But how much do I run? Should I lift weights? It’s what I’ve been investigating with some contrasting opinions…

On the one hand, I know I want to run to help my mind. To remind it I can once again conquer the distance 26.2 after pretty much fall apart in the final 7 miles of Brighton. On the other hand, I know I need to not push my body too excessively to prevent it from potentially being at PB strength again.

So the plan: 2/3 short runs in the week, 2-6 miles maximum, one of those a speed session (aka Barry’s) the others at recovery pace. Yoga as much as I can using the NTC app also to keep myself flexible and bendy! Then one long run a week starting at 10 & building to 16miles 2 weeks before at sexier than sexy pace ✔️ then we taper again!


Edinburgh marathon I have no expectations for. I want sub 4 badly, but I’d also adore sub 4:05! But I have to manage my expectations as I’m in a no mans land from a training perspective… only time will tell. Let me know if you have any thoughts on marathons multiple weeks apart 😊


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