3 Years Since My First Run


In 2014, I was working for Nike on the Women’s floor of the incredible Nike Town London. I was still competing for Brunel and my county throwing Discus and Shot Put at the time and running was the last thing I’d planned on doing. Rotating in an 2m circle was enough 😂 But me being me, I loved a challenge and I heard about a 10k race called We Own The Night that Nike were hosting in May.


So I thought it’d be a great idea to rock up, with no running based training bar a 4K once and run a 10k! (Don’t do this trustttt me 😂) Surprisingly I completed it in just under an hour-it killed me but I LOVED it.
And that’s when it happened. Running became my thing. Don’t get me wrong to this day I still love power based workouts and throwing every so often. How could I not. Growing up I’d won 4 county titles for Discus and Shot, as well as represented my county Sussex at many national events. But quickly as I grew older, throwing became so technical that no matter how strong I became, I learnt that you can never out throw poor technique. Running on the other hand, at an amateur level, you just move one leg in front of the other.

I’d been so used to competing against others whereas now, I was able to go out at 6am and run. I just had me myself and the road and it was truly one of the best feelings-almost a slight relief! Saying that I still am extremely competitive with myself and have high expectations. Over the last 2 years Nike Run Club was integral to my growth as a runner. Running with people with the same mind set as me added an extra dimension to the running world for me- a community. These people inspired me to enter races and that I was good enough.

So 3 years later here I am. 8 10kms, 6 half marathons, 2 marathons and an Indoor Iron man later; it’s safe to say running has changed me! It’s brought me friends and amazing experiences. More than just physically, running has changed me mentally and proven that I am able to overcome hardship and difficulty. Running truly has helped me tackle life.

This is not to say I don’t LOVE lifting and sprinting and doing boxing still, it’s all a huge part of my life and the London fitness scene. But running, running is something else.


Now if you’re about to begin your journey here’s a few tips I remember when I started:
– Get your running shoes fitted with a gait analysis. Super important for injury prevention!

-Then if you truly struggle to start begin running 2minutes walk 5 minutes and repeat. Slowly reduce the amount of rest and increase the amount running.
– Don’t pressure yourself, do it for enjoyment not as punishment.
– Follow others on similar journeys or on journeys you hope to aspire to be on.


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