Race Report: Edinburgh Marathon

IMG_5077Edinburgh marathon was completed yesterday after the worst build up I’ve ever had for a race! The key difficulty came in the fact that Brighton marathon was 7 weeks ago, but somehow I had to get a decent block of training in whilst recovering well from the race.

Basically, long story short I took more rest post Brighton than planned. I picked up small injuries which overall, meant I ran approximately 4 times post Brighton before donning my trainers to run Edinburgh πŸ˜‚ so you can understand my mentality going into the race was: to expect the worst and anything better than that was a little victory!

To begin, the weather was muggy. 20C humid, hot beating sun when it popped up from behind a cloud-not appreciated πŸ™„ if you read my Brighton report you’ll know heat killed me off in
that race, so I was definitely expecting it here.

The race began and the first 5 miles were downhill, I attempted to keep my pace steady but couldn’t help clocking sub 9 minute miles for all 5 and the legs didn’t feel too shabby! Next segment of the course was truly stunning, straight along the coastline of Edinburgh with locals providing us with sprinklers and hoses, as well as jelly beans and gummy bears ☺️ my race unsurprisingly began going downhill around 11 miles where when I hit the water station a walk was need to recompose, rehydrate and tell myself this was possible.


From then on, every water station I arrived to I allowed myself to stop, walk and refuel.
14-21 was an out and back section through windy country rounds and even a small off-road section 18-19miles! On this out and back section I met two Scottish runners who pushed me all the way. I’d run past them, begin to walk then they’d catch me and drag me along with them. This happen 5/6 times during this section of the course. Such wonderful people in Scotland! By the time I hit mile 20, walks were a necessity as the sun was beating down on my back and the heat becoming a big factor in my fatigue. As I tried to begin running after a walk at this point, I stupidly caught my ankle on thin air (good one emma) and twisted it. Walked it off I did but the soreness was definitely there!

At mile 22/23 I saw my friend Rosie who I started the race with. Rosie had been in a similar starting situation as me, as she did London 5 weeks ago and also struggled to get in as many runs as she had wanted prior to this race. So when I saw she was struggling as was I- it was such a relief! We then plotted together our walk/run strategy for the final 3 miles. Finally, the mile 25 sign appeared and we decided from then on now stopping-only for that finish line! With 400m to get Rosie took flight and sprinted to the line-I was attempting like an invalid as a massive stabbing stitch prevented me from moving faster. Never the less I gave it my all and crossed the line overjoyed to have completed it! 4:32:59 πŸŽ‰I also bumped into the two gentlemen who helped me at 14-19 miles and they both hugged me with a smile and congratulations! I always get emotional crossing a marathon finish as the battle is so real and so raw. My friend Anna, who Rosie and I signed up to the race way back in January with, completed her first ever marathon and the pride I felt for her was amazing. She was understandably emotion too-WE’D ALL DONE IT!

My biggest lessons/victories from this race:

– I remembered how mentally strong I was.
– Even though the time was slower than Brighton I overcame the heat and felt better at the end of the race.
– The running community is incredible. The two gents who helped me mid way were selfless and unbelievably kind!
– Never say you can’t do something-though the preparation may have been poor, I still completed my 4th marathon in 7 months. Madness.
– Last and most important lesson? It’s time to put me blooming feet up and chill out πŸ˜‚


3 thoughts on “Race Report: Edinburgh Marathon

  1. 4 marathons in 7 months is an amazing achievement! You’re a total badass! Thanks for sharing this, the course sounds amazing and I’m looking forward to taking it on next year x


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