The Saucony Ride 10


This shoe for me is one of the best new comers in the neutral range this season! The Ride now in its 10th year of production, technically and aesthetically is a phenomenal shoe…below I’ll talk about why I think it ticks all the boxes!


The upper material on the new Ride is seamless. The addition of engineered mesh to the toe box gives not only an upgraded feel from the Ride 9 but gives the feeling of increased space in the forefoot. Space which is essential as toes splay on longer distance runs!

The mid-foot region of the shoe has an increase in overlays to add hold and lockdown to the foot. Saucing have also introduced the ‘booty fit’ that we know from other brands-again to add mid-foot comfort. In the rear-foot the upper is unchanged but still offers plush cushioning at the heel counter and a firm hold (good for those with narrow ankles)!

Last year Saucony brought in the use of a material called EVERUN. ItΒ is a midsole compound that will replace standard EVA in it’s running shoes. Based on testing results, EVERUN delivers 83% more energy return from other midsole technologies, with a dramatically noticeable resilient and responsive ride. Additionally, Saucony claims that EVERUN maintains its resilient and bouncy properties three times longer than standard EVA. This material is in many of their shoes as a thin layer on top of the power grid EVA as well as replacing some of the EVA.


For me personally, I look to new footwear to be stable in the forefoot to help propulsion. The stability and control the Ride 10 gives off of the forefoot is one of the best I’ve seen and is comparable to the Asics Cumulus 19, Brooks Ghost 10 and the Mizuno Rider 20.
The outsole remains fairly unchanged in comparison to the Ride 9. The materials are the same however there is a the slight difference. This lies in the depth of the grooves. They have been increased in depth to help increase flexibility of the shoe whilst keeping denser/firmer more stable materials in the midsole.

Ride 10 for me is a great shoe. My personal proof was the fact that in Edinburgh marathon I wore this shoe 2 days fresh out the box and had no issues! (DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS EVER πŸ˜‚ it’s a cardinal sin to not break in a shoe before such a long race. I advise 3-4 weeks usually. The key reason I didn’t break the shoe in was that I hadn’t formerly trained for Edinburgh and my old shoes were too small and so I had nothing to lose! I had a choice between new shoes and blisters or old shoes which were tight and bye bye toe nails πŸ™ˆ)
So for me I rate this shoe extremely well. However, as with all shoes I advise everyone to be professionally fitted for running footwear to be sure the shoe is doing what they need for them.

Price: Β£120
Stability: Neutral (drop height 8mm)
Weight: 235g (UK Size 6)
Terrain: Road Running


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