2016- A Year of Growth

With all the losses and bad things that has happened in the world this year, (Brexit, Trump, Icons dying and the change in the shape of Toblerone) I realised that some pretty epic things also happened this year. So I decided to round em up and add some light and brightness to 2016!

August Iron Man Training

I currently have 5 weeks until Amsterdam marathon, meaning only 8 weeks until the full iron man. Having been training for over 7 months I thought it was about time to test myself and so, this month was all about completing a Half Iron Man as part of training.

Who is Emma 😊

Thought I’d take a moment to give a little info about myself. It’s weird writing about myself but here goes! Many of you may know me through the Instagram/blogging world or even from Nike and the only fact you may know is all I do is train! Haha but seriously, below are 20 facts about … More Who is Emma 😊