Do you feel like you need to be doing something every waking hour of the day to be successful? Social media tells us that people barely sleep and if they do they are still plotting how to get better, faster, stronger or better in their career. Don’t get me wrong I’m 100% for self improvement … More Pressure

Ankle strength 💪🏽

Stability issues with ankles can hamper running and allow twisted ankles to become an unfortunate regular occurrence. Poor ankle stability can come from: weakness due to previous sprains, natural laxity in the ligaments from being hyper-mobile or even a weakness through the lower calfs (but not alone)! Most ligaments torn or weakened when ankle sprains … More Ankle strength 💪🏽

The Great Toe!

Big toe?! Yes the big toe and the joint, the 1st metatarsal, plays a huge part in foot function and our likelihood for running injuries. Many common injuries such as generic shin pain and painful arches (plantar fasciitis) can all be due to 1st metatarsal and big toe function.